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Here at Laptop Reviews we only talk about the best laptops with the best reviewers – real users!  We also make sure you always know about all the great laptop and netbook deals that are out there.  Choosing the right laptop for your needs or the needs of a loved one that also fits your budget is a task that takes time and patience.  Our goal is to make that as easygoing an experience as possible by giving you earnest opinions on the laptops and netbooks we use everyday.

Who runs this site?

The main editor for the site is Andrew Baxter.  You can send us an email using the contact us form for the site for any questions, comments or suggestions you have.

How do I write for Laptop Reviews?

If you recently purchased a laptop and want to review it and have it show up on LaptopReviews.com then the podium is yours, that’s what we’re all about, user reviews. There are certain requirements in order for a review to be posted, please use the I want to review my laptop form to submit your review idea and get further information. Oh, and yes, this isn’t a sweat shop and you will be paid if your review is accepted and posted to the site.

What CMS is this site using?

None of your business!  Ok, so you’re a geek and you’re nosy and really want to know, this is a WordPress run site and uses a customized version of the WooThemes Canvas theme.

Privacy Statement

Yes, we have a privacy statement.  We’re not here to steal your information, just to give you information.

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