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Columnist Contributor

We are seeking writers to assist with the contribution of daily articles to  As a columnist, you will be asked to publish short 3 – 4 paragraph articles about industry news and releases.  Such articles may only take 15 – 20 minutes to write.  You will also have the opportunity to produce longer investigative or comparison type articles based on your own idea generation or that of the site Editor.  Compensation for work varies based upon article length and time commitment necessary.  Payment is on a per article basis, this is not a permanent job position but rather a part time freelance position.

Hardware Reviewer

Laptop hardware reviewers must be very well versed in technology related to laptops and computer hardware, a demonstration of previous online writing experience is also necessary.  Past writing examples can be long form posts on blogs or Internet forums and does not necessarily mean you need to have a  journalism background or have worked for an online publication.   Reviews are the mainstay of what we do, the site name says as much and our goal is to publish reviews from a true end user perspective and to come across in a personable tone.  Being able to write a review that anyone can understand and avoiding techno-babble or talking down to people is important.  Hardware reviewers will be compensated on a pre-arranged agreement of terms, this is not a permanent job position but rather part time freelance.

Review Your New Laptop!

That’s right, you can make money simply by reviewing that shiny new laptop you purchased.  Consider it a way to help pay for the laptop, or justify purchasing one if you haven’t already.  If you’re interested in reviewing your laptop and having it posted to please get in touch with us.

Other Jobs

You do not need to be a laptop expert and computer hardware building genius to be a part of the editorial team.  If you have a passion for writing, helping people and know enough about laptops to be helpful in guiding others to make a decision we’d love to hear from you.  If you have any ideas for the site or things you’d like to do that we aren’t covering then by all means get in touch!


If you’re interested and believe that you fit the criteria for any of these positions, please send your resume along with a note explaining why you are interested, what your qualifications are for the role and how much of a commitment level you can provide (are you available any time, certain times etc.).  You may also suggest what you would expect in terms of compensation levels.  Please send all correspondence to [email protected].

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Laptop Reviews

Laptop Reviews