Are HP ENVY 4 and ENVY 6 Laptops Coming this Summer?

It appears HP has an ENVY 4 and ENVY 6 laptop release up their sleeve thanks to the diligent sleuthing of NBR forum member justinkw1.  There’s not a whole lot to go on other than the fact HP recently posted support pages for an ENVY 4-1000 and ENVY 6-1000 series.


Generally these support pages show up and give a hint at what some of the specs are inside, such as driver references for certain graphics cards, but there are no hints at this current time.  What we can at least guess at is that the ENVY 4 refers to a 14-inch screen laptop and the ENVY 6 a 15.6” screen.  This would follow the number convention of the Pavilion dv4 (a 14-inch laptop) and dv6 (a 15.6-inch laptop).  The early model numbers posted for the new ENVYs are as follows:

HP ENVY 4 models skus:

  • HP ENVY 4-1010ss Notebook PC
  • HP ENVY 4-1020ss Notebook PC
  • HP ENVY 4-1030ss Notebook PC
  • HP ENVY 4-1070el Notebook PC
  • HP ENVY 4-1070sl Notebook PC

HP ENVY 6 model skus:

  • HP ENVY 6-1010ss Notebook PC
  • HP ENVY 6-1020ss Notebook PC
  • HP ENVY 6-1030ss Notebook PC
  • HP ENVY 6-1070el Notebook PC
  • HP ENVY 6-1070sl Notebook PC

The support pages for a product usually show up on 2 – 3 months before the actual release of a product, so it seems that these new ENVY models would be released around the July 2012 time frame.  Intel recently said there would be 75 Ultrabooks coming out through the rest of this year, with 50% of them being 14 and 15-inch sized, so it could be that HP is pushing harder in that direction.  Right now HP has the ENVY 14 Spectre and Folio 13, however the Spectre is not selling well due to its high price tag and the Folio 13 design is a little too business like and was originally just targeted at business buyers anyway.  HP really needs an enticing sub $1,000 Ultrabook and it’s possible that’s where these ENVY models will fill in as larger and somewhat cheaper Ultrabook offerings.  The current ENVY 15 and ENVY 17 already serve as the powerful multimedia / gaming rigs on the block for the ENVY series so it would be hard to see HP developing something to either replace or be close in specs to those models as they just came out a few short months ago.

Either way, it’s only a matter of time now before more leaks in the information flow spring and we know more about the ENVY 4 and ENVY 6 – stay tuned!

Source: NBR Forum member justinkw1

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