Deal: HP dv7t Quad Edition for $699 after $550 off Coupon!

*** UPDATE 4/21/2012: Deal is now over, coupon used up ***

HP just issued a new $550 off coupon for the Pavilion dv7tqe.  Use coupon code NBN6552 at checkout to get $550 off the price of a dv7t Quad Edition laptop, the final price for a loaded configuration comes to only $699.  Here are the specs on the Pavilion dv7t for this $699 deal:

  • Processor:  Intel Core i7-2670QM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon 7470M
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • Screen: 17.3” 1600 x 900 HD+
  • Storage: 750GB 5400RPM
  • Warranty: 2-years

Below is a screenshot from our cart after applying the NBN6552 coupon at checkout:


The dv7t Quad Edition is a great desktop replacement style laptop, we reviewed the dv7t Quad Edition earlier this year.  The dv7tqe has the option for dual hard drives so you can either use two hard drives for a massive amount of storage or use an SSD and HD for fast performance and large storage capacity.  Another nice option is to upgrade to the 1920 x 1080 screen for an amazing multimedia entertainment experience – the speakers and included subwoofer make it so the dv7t Quad Edition can double as a media center if you’re in a small apartment or dorm room.

HP dv7t Quad Edition

As you can see in the above image, the dv7t Quad Edition has a dark color casing, HP calls it an umber finish.  The touchpad has a light around it, however there is no backlit keyboard option unfortunately.  The keyboard has a built-in number pad, great for any accountant types.  The overall build is excellent, the hinges are stiff and the case is very rigid.  For $699.99 you really can’t beat this deal.  The upgrade to a 1080p screen is $150 and would bring the total price to $849, but is well worth it for those into high resolution displays and confessed screen junkies!

Link to Deal: HP Pavilion dv7tqe for $699 (after applying coupon NBN6552)

9 responses to “Deal: HP dv7t Quad Edition for $699 after $550 off Coupon!”

  1. Derek says:

    So I was waiting for the new models to come out, but as the price falls on this soon to be older version I am tempted to pass on the new model and scoop up this model at a great price. Are the features on the new model substantial enough to wait and pay significantly more for the new model? I read the post that covered the features of the new model, but I’m not very tech savvy. What’s new on the new model that potentially would make me wait for the new model rather than taking advantage of this nice deal?

    • hey Derek, the $699 price is definitely being offered because HP will be updating the dv7 next week. As far as what’s new, the main difference will be the new Intel processor (dubbed Ivy Bridge), it will offer around 10 – 20% better computing performance and slightly better battery life. Will you notice the performance boost for everyday tasks? No, not really, it’s hard to perceive a web page loading milliseconds faster. The new dv7 will have essentially the same ports as the current one. It will have a new design, all black, which is nice but I still like the design of the current dv7. There will be an option for a backlit keyboard for around a $20 upgrade. My guess is the new dv7 will start at around $849 initially for the base configuration and during the back to school sales in July / August you might see a price drop into the $700s. If you can use a laptop now and like the price, this deal is a good one to go for. If it kills you to know there’s something slightly better around the corner for $100 more, maybe just wait. Also — HP has a generous return policy, you can return something within 21-days no questions asked, no restocking fee and no shipping charges, you just call them or do an online support chat and ask for a return. They’ll even offer to do an exchange if you like something else that’s new and make the process easy. It might be best to jump on this deal, and then if the new release is more appealing go through with a return or exchange.

  2. Derek says:

    Thanks a lot for your detailed reply!

  3. Stephen says:

    Not working?

    When I used your links I could choose either GPU option laptop but regardless of which specs it told me the coupon code was invalid.

    • hi Stephen, I just tested and it’s still working. Try this link instead:

      HP dv7tqe Customizable

      Make sure that you arrive at the customizable dv7t Quad Edition, there should be steps involved to configure the laptop. Then make sure you’re not using the educational discount (APP discount) or Employee Discount login (they offer around 5% off, not as good as this deal), the coupon won’t work if you’re trying to stack it with other discounts or if it’s not for the customizable version.

  4. Fero says:


    Is this coupon invalid now?
    Doesnt work for me. Tried the links mentioned above

  5. Fero says:

    🙁 yeh ill keep an eye… You think there will be more coupons, like next week?

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