Dell Latitude ST Tablet Video Surfaces

It appears that Dell is close to releasing the Latitude ST slate tablet as a preview video has shown up on the Dell Malaysia website.    You can view the video below:


Based on the video here are the Dell Latitude ST specs that are now known:

  • Screen: 10”
  • Processor: Intel Atom Processor
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Ports: HDMI out, headphone
  • Docking station
  • Touch and Pen Input Technology: N-trig
  • Cameras: Front and rear

Dell Latitude ST

The Latitude ST will offer touchscreen and pen input, but it’s based on N-trig touchscreen technology and not the more popular Wacom.  This is a bit of a shame but at the same time it’s a positive that Dell has made sure that pen input is a feature of this device.  The other disappointment to see is that it will be powered by the much maligned Intel Atom processor, notorious for being underpowered and sluggish with performance.  Windows 7, which will be loaded on the Latitude ST, isn’t a light weight OS so it won’t run as smoothly as iOS or Android with an underpowered processor.

That all said, the Latitude ST may appeal to IT enterprise buyers simply because it will have Windows 7 and all the security features they are used to having.  Furthermore, applications that workers can use on PC desktops or laptops will run on the Latitude ST tablet.  There is a docking station solution for the Latitude ST so that when you’re at your desk you can output the screen to a larger monitor and use it like you would a regular computer via an external keyboard and mouse.

There is no official release date set for the Latitude ST but it appears that could come before year’s end or at the latest Q1 of 2012.

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