Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Coming next Week, User Manuals Available Now

Dell XPS 13 UltrabookWe covered the unveiling of the Dell XPS 13 during CES 2012, which revealed some general information and specifications. But maybe you’re still looking for more details to help decide whether you want to throw a thousand bucks at Dell’s new XPS 13 Ultrabook? Well, it looks like you counted your lucky stars because several user manuals and documentation have found their way online a week before its release! The guides contain a plethora of information including detailed specifications and other things like pictorial instructions on how to remove many of the XPS 13’s parts, such as the keyboard, battery, and I/O board.

Overall, we believe that the XPS 13 will be a strong Ultrabook competitor; its high quality and compact design and its 13-inch screen definitely make this laptop unique and is great for those who prefer a smaller footprint for their laptop. However, the lack of an SD card reader and HDMI port might curb some enthusiasts from buying it.

Here’s the list of leaked documentation, so have a read and decide for yourselves!

The XPS 13 owner’s manual has guides on how to disassemble the XPS 13 such as you see in the diagram below that shows how to remove the SSD:


You can reserve the XPS 13 at Dell’s official website, which simply means they’ll send you an email invite to purchase the XPS 13 when it becomes available next week.

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