HP to Issue Fix for Envy 15 IPS Displays that have Orange colored Reds

If you’ll recall, we reviewed the Envy 15-3000 and liked everything about it.  Except for the fact the IPS display happened to display deep reds and as a burnt orange.  HP is now nodding their heads in agreement that this is not acceptable.  According to Engadget, whom HP has presumably been in talks with, the company will release a tuning utility in the coming weeks that offers to help customers tweak their display settings so that the orange colors appear red as they should be.


In the above image you see an Envy 17 on the left and Envy 15 on the right showing the same red background.  Except the red clearly looks orange on the Envy 15’s IPS 1920 x 1080 display.  The full PR statement from HP reads as follows:

HP understands that some customers have expressed concern regarding the appearance of the color red in the ENVY 15 full High Definition (HD) panel, and we wanted to reassure our customers that this panel is functioning properly.

HP ENVY Series notebooks use optional premium LED-backlit display panels that have a higher color gamut (range of viewable colors), brightness and viewing angles than many display panels. This means that some colors may appear differently than they do on other displays.

We understand that customers may have their own preferences on color settings, so in response to customer feedback, in the coming weeks we expect to offer an optional software utility that customers can download if they would like to adjust their default color settings to suit their needs.

For customers who need an even higher color gamut and color tuning for professional grade applications for example, certain HP notebook models and stand alone displays offer DreamColor technology.

The tuning utility for screen colors on the Envy 15 will not be out for a few weeks, and there’s no set date, until that time it’s unknown how well this fix will work.  Presumably they’ll provide a download link and make an announcement to the media, or email customers.  HP is saying their DreamColor screens on laptops such as that seen in the HP EliteBook lineup, such as the HP EliteBook 8760w (starting price $2,000), are not affected and recommend those to professionals.  We’re not so sure that makes Envy 15 owners feel any better.

Source: Engadget

4 responses to “HP to Issue Fix for Envy 15 IPS Displays that have Orange colored Reds”

  1. Thomas says:

    Any news on whether Sony will fix the orange problem with the Vaio SE?

    • Thomas says:

      I really think you should publish a similar article about the Sony Vaio SE. It also has a red / orange problem. Sony reps and tech support won’t say or don’t know anything about it. I showed it to some of the people who work at the local Sony Store and they were a bit shocked. Maybe if you published an article about it Sony might actually acknowledge it and try to fix it like HP has done.

    • Hi Thomas, I’m aware that the screen used in the HP Envy 15 and VAIO SE are the same so that’s not surprising. Do you happen to have a photo of the screen showing the issue?

  2. dafranklin says:

    Does anyone know whether you can use industry-standard monitor profiling software and sensors, like X-rite imatch and any X-ritephotometers/spectrophotometers, to “tune” the red color properly, or is the screen just INCAPABLE of displaying the correct color?

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