Intel Ivy Bridge Equipped Sony VAIO C Images Surface, Spring 2012 Release

While last week we found the Sony VAIO Chromebook in the FCC database, this week there are more leaks out of the upcoming Sony laptop camp, this time the VAIO C series Intel Ivy Bridge refresh has made an early appearance in the form of leaked press images in the forums.   According to sources, the new 2012 version of the VAIO C will once again have a 14” and 15” version, the 15” is currently sold as the VAIO CB while the 14” is the VAIO CA.   There are no indications as to what the new model numbers will be on the VAIO C, but we can tell you that the 14” redesign will be equipped with the new Intel Ivy Bridge lineup of processors while the 15” will initially just include the current Intel Sandy Bridge processors.  There will be a number of color offerings for the VAIO C including white with teal trim, silver with black trim, pink and finally a black and orange trim:

Sony VAIO C 201217-1

The lid will have a very rounded finish, no sharp edges to be seen here.  On top of the lid will be an embossed silver VAIO logo:


The closeup of the lid shows a brushed metal finish.  Don’t get too excited though, the VAIO C is a budget series and will not have an all metal casing like the higher end VAIO S or VAIO Z series.  The current VAIO C starts at around $750 and you can expect the price of the updated version to fall into line with a similar price.  It’s likely that some form of dedicated graphics will be offered in addition to the Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics.  The keyboard will have a chiclet design and will also be backlit:

Sony VAIO 2012 keyboard

The announce and release date for the Intel Ivy Bridge VAIO C should be in April.  The popular ultraportable VAIO Z will likely get updated with the Intel Ivy Bridge and announced in July, but don’t expect to see any major changes with that model series.

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  1. Michael says:

    This is the new VAIO E Series 14. The C Series is being discontinued…

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