Lenovo B570 Review

The Lenovo B570 laptop is as friendly on the wallet as you can get, at the current price of $300 at Best Buy if it were any cheaper you’d wonder if there were some catch and you had to buy the operating system and processor separately.  Or that you overslept and it’s now Black Friday and this is one of those door buster deals.  But it is in fact October and the Lenovo B570 is a fully functional and indeed capable laptop being sold for $300.  So what’s the catch, is the B570 a worthwhile bargain or is there a big gotcha that will make it a regrettable buy?  Read on to find out!

Lenovo B570 laptop

The Lenovo B570 under review was purchased in store from Best Buy on October 24th.  The sticker price was $299.99 and after all state and local taxes it ended up being around $320.  The specs for the B570 under review, model number B570-1068AJU, are as follows:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium B950 dual core 2.10GHz
  • Screen: 15.6” 1366 x 768 resolution
  • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
  • B570 Dimensions: 14.9” x 9.9” x 1.3” (Width x Depth x Thickness)
  • Memory: 3GB RAM (expandable to 8GB)
  • Storage: 320GB Hard Drive 5400RPM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Ports: 3 USB 2.0, 1 eSATA/USB combo port, HDMI,  VGA-out,  6-in-one card reader
  • Wireless: 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Battery: 6-cell, 4 hours 45 minutes battery life
  • Extra Features: 0.3MP Web Camera built-in, Fingerprint card reader
  • Optical Drive: DVD Burner

The good news here is that there’s nothing in these specs that jumps out as being an Achilles heel that drags the whole system down.  Often times manufacturers will equip a budget configuration with only 2GB of RAM, but you get an adequate 3GB of RAM with the B570.

Lenovo B570 Design and Build

Lenovo B570 designThe Lenovo B570 is even more black than the mostly all black ThinkPad.  The lid, sides, bottom, keyboard, screen bezel are all black in color.  The laptop casing is made entirely of plastic, thankfully most of which is matte and resists picking up fingerprints.  The one exception is the screen bezel that has a glossy black finish, which is pretty annoying seeing as you have to grab the screen to open it, which inevitably leaves greasy fingerprints there.  It would have been preferable just to make the screen bezel the same type of plastic as the rest of the laptop case.

While the design isn’t imaginative in any way, it’s utilitarian and won’t exactly offend anyone either.  So often today you see a company release a laptop with some design touch that is meant to add flair but in fact results in a gaudy look and two years from now will certainly be out of fashion.  The B570 looks like it could have been made in 2005 and I bet you than in the year 2015 it’ll still be an acceptable but plain Jane design.  And that’s not an entirely a bad thing if you really could care less about design and just want something that works.

Lenovo B570 logoI mentioned that the B570 is made of all plastic, which is what you’d expect at this price point.  You’d have to pay 10-times as much to get a light weight durable carbon fiber finish.  While the plastic case isn’t going to make for rugged protection in the event of a drop, if you’re only intention is to put the B570 on a desk and let it sit there as a desktop replacement machine, who cares if it’s made of plastic, aluminum, wood or Styrofoam?  Ok, that last one might not be a good idea, but my point is that the B570 is mostly intended as a laptop that will be anchored to a desk or maybe carried around an office or home.  It is not a good option for carrying around in a backpack or case a whole bunch.  And so long as the B570 is on a desk it is safe from being dropped and won’t need the rugged casing or protection more expensive laptops offer.

The screen hinge on the B570 isn’t the greatest, there’s a bit of wobble to the screen indicating that the hinge is not rigid.  You can also detect flexing in certain areas of the plastic case, but nothing horrible and the all important palm rests are firm enough to prevent any sinking caused by hands resting there.

Lenovo B570 Weight

The B570 is not intended as a portable laptop, but in case you do need to carry it around a bit then it’s always good to know the carrying weight:

Lenovo B570 weightLenovo B570 weight with power adapter

Without the power adapter the B570 weighs in at 5lbs 7.4 ounces, or roughly 5.5lbs, with the power adapter the weight comes to 5lbs 15 ounces, or around 5.9lbs.  It’s actually amazing how light the power adapter is, in the recent review of the ThinkPad Edge E425 I was horrified to find the adapter weighed 1lbs.  The B570 adapter is a mere half pound.

Lenovo B570 Dimensions

The Lenovo B570 is not skinny, it has a thickness of around 1.3”.  The dimensions are 14.9” x 9.9” x 1.3” (Width x Depth x Thickness), it’s a fairly wide laptop and actually just barely fits in my backpack so I wouldn’t call this laptop backpack friendly unless you have an oversized bag.

Lenovo B570 Performance

When you first hear about a $300 laptop the assumption is it’s probably crippled by some horrible processor, a lack of memory, ridiculously small hard drive or no operating system loaded.  None of these are the case with the B570.  I had never heard of the Intel B950 processor before, it’s a newer budget addition to the Intel Sandy Bridge lineup, but I was surprisingly pleased with the performance of this dual core 2.10GHz chip.  In fact, the benchmarks it was able to score were quite good:


The PCMark Vantage score is the one to pay attention to there as it measures the overall system performance and will be most pertinent to the average user.  The Lenovo B570 with its modest B950 processor outscored the recent Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E425 I reviewed, which cost $500.  Granted, the graphics performance of the ThinkPad E425 was twice as good, but since the Lenovo B570 is in no way intended to be used for gaming or as a 3D graphics editor you shouldn’t expect much of or care too much about that score.  Here’s a comparison char of the B570 to other recently reviewed laptops:

PCMark Vantage 64-bit Score3DMark Vantage ScoreWindows Experience Index Score
Lenovo B5704,52410215.1
Lenovo ThinkPad E425 (AMD A4-3300M, 4GB RAM)3,7842,2904.7
Lenovo ThinkPad T420i (Core i3-2310m, 2GB RAM)3,2044.5
Lenovo ThinkPad E420 (Core i5-2410m, 4GB RAM)6,0565.9

Notice that in no way is the B570 a serious laggard in the performance department, it holds its own.  Benchmarks are great and all, but they’re somewhat artificial and you want to know about real usage performance right?  No problem.  I put the B570 to the test by playing some 1080p video, something that could potentially max out or even overwhelm some weak processors.  The Intel B950 processor was adept at handling 1080p video, when running a YouTube video at 240p the processor utilization was only 5% and after switching to 1080p the processor momentarily jumped to 50% utilization and then settled at around 40%.  Check out the video for this demonstration of the B570 performance review with the Intel B950 processor:

Lenovo B570 1080p Video Playback Performance

Lenovo B570 Screen

Lenovo B570 screenThe B570 has a 15.6” screen with a 1366 x 768 resolution, a very standard resolution for this sized laptop.  The screen has a glossy finish and gets very bright, which is great for movie viewing.  There’s a built-in DVD player/burner so you can use this laptop as a media machine if you desire.  And since we demonstrated already that it has no problem playing back 1080p Flash encoded video, Netflix or any other video streaming service will work well and look nice on this screen.  The downside to the glossy screen is that it does reflect a lot of light, especially if you have strong backlighting behind you such as a window.   For an example of what a window behind you will do to your viewing experience on the B570 glossy screen just check out the below picture:

Lenovo B570 screen reflection

That reflection you see in the upper right corner of the screen is a house across the street being reflected off this screen, talk about annoying mirror effect!  If the room you are in is darkened or has even lighting, this won’t be as much of a problem, and the fact remains that the glossy screen finish really does make colors pop more.  For work purposes, the glossy screen is a bit of a downer though and can cause eye strain after long hours.

Lenovo B570 Battery Life

I was very pleased with the Lenovo B570 battery life, expectations were low based on the price of the laptop and fact that it’s really just a desktop replacement style machine.  However, the B570 was able to achieve 4 hours and 45 minutes of battery life with the screen brightness set to the second level (which was more than adequate in dimly lit room), Wi-Fi on and simply some light web surfing done now and again.  If you’re playing video constantly and have the screen brightness all the way up the battery life will probably be closer to 3.5 hours.  Overall, this is a pleasantly surprising amount of battery life.

Lenovo B570 Keyboard

I’m picky when it comes to keyboards and can’t say I’m a big fan of the chiclet style B570 keyboard, it’s nowhere near as high quality as the Lenovo ThinkPad line with their legendary keyboards, but it’s usable nonetheless.  There’s a lot of space on the keyboard and Lenovo was even able to fit in a number pad, nice for the accountant types out there.  The thing I couldn’t get used to was the cheap feel of the keys, I quite frequently found my fingers getting caught under some keys as well which made me fearful of popping off a key inadvertently.  It’s just not a high quality feeling keyboard and so it does make you wonder if eventually keys might pop off if there’s an aggressive typist like myself at work.  The top row of function keys are shrunken, but since they’re rarely used that’s no big deal.  The Enter key is actually a little small due to the fact they had to shrink it to fit the number pad in, that’s too bad, I prefer an oversized Enter key and sometimes found myself mistyping when trying to hit it.

Lenovo B570 keyboard

Lenovo B570 Ports

The B570 comes with all the ports you would need for the average user, including an HDMI port for video and audio out to a larger LCD TV or monitor.  Let’s take a tour around the sides of the B570 to see where each port is located:

Lenovo B570 left side ports

Left side: Power jack, VGA monitor out, HDMI, USB 2.0 / eSata combo, USB 2.0


Lenovo B570 right side ports

Right side: Headphone port, microphone port, USB 2.0 port, optical drive (DVD Burner), USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet port.


Lenovo B570 back side

Back side: No ports, just the battery


Lenovo B570 front side

Front side: 6-in-1 Media card reader on the right side and wireless on/off switch

The fact you get an HDMI port, eSata port for fast data transfer to a portable hard drive and 6-in-1 media card reader is great for $300.

Lenovo B570 Webcam

You do get a built-in web camera with the B570, but the bad news is that it’s a paltry 0.3MP camera which leads to very grainy video.  Oh well, what do you expect for the given price?  You’ll have to pay up for a USB connected web camera from somebody like Logitech if you want to do higher quality web video chat.

Lenovo B570 Heat & Noise

The B570 behaved very well in terms of heat and noise.  The fans rarely kicked in and therefore noise was kept to a minimum.  Heat never became an issue when using this laptop on a desk, it’s too big and heavy to use on the lap but if you did go that route the bottom of the laptop stays cool enough to prevent any burning.

Lenovo B570 Review Conclusion

Lenovo B570 badgeYou just can’t go too wrong with the Lenovo B570-1068AJU for $300.  I still can’t believe it’s being sold for such a price when you see horribly underpowered and small screen netbooks being sold for $350.  The B570 is being sold at Best Buy for $300 is a bargain, and it’d still be a bargain if it were $350.  The plastic build quality is of course not the greatest and the design looks are, well, boring to put it nicely.  But if you’re just looking for a laptop that does basic tasks very competently, has all the ports you need, has good battery life and a decent screen then you’ll be shocked to know that you can get it all for $300 with this B570 configuration.  And the best thing is you don’t have to wait for Black Friday and wrestle hundreds of other shoppers to get a really good deal.

15 responses to “Lenovo B570 Review”

  1. Larry Doolittle says:

    Great computer. So great that Best Buy did not put it on display at the store I was at. I guess it would make all the other lap tops jealous. Purchased it for my Granddaughter and she loves it.

    • Andrew says:

      Same experience with me, it was not on display at Best Buy. I purchased online and picked up in store so I get the feeling they’re promoting it online more than anything. Awesome deal indeed!

  2. Jake says:

    I believe its time to take this computer down a peg. When you scroll with the touch pad and press a key i.e. when playing a game, the mouse locks up for several seconds and continues to do so as you continue to press different buttons on the keyboard. I don’t know if this is a problem with my laptop or a standard feature.

    • Verona says:

      Hmm, I’ve never had such a problem before when I play games such as Chess Titans or Spider Solitaire. Try running a file cleanup using anti-virus programs like McAfee or Norton 360.

  3. vicky says:

    Is this laptop having keypad light ????
    what is the current price for 2nd generation duel core with 2 gb ram and 500 gb harddisk ??

    • Verona says:

      I’m using this laptop right now as I type… No, unfortunately it does not have keyboard back lighting, so it’ll be hard typing in the dark or etc.

      I find a problem when I boot this computer up, it freezes up at the “Please Wait” screen with the busy icon frozen as well, and if I let it hibernate by shutting the screen and opening it again, the screen is dark and the computer is unresponsive, forcing me to shut it down. Fortunately, there’s the one-key recovery button right next to the power button, so it’s okay once I get it up and running again.

  4. Verona says:

    I feel like this laptop is just smashing awesome compared to that old HP one with Windows Vista; the keys on the keyboard popped off much more often compared to this B570. I don’t find it hard to type after a few documents typed, you just have to adjust to the “shallow” feel of the keys. What I have most trouble with is the enter key, when I’m in a rush.

    I definitely recommend this computer for normal office/homework/web surfing use, although Chrome may freeze up when a wireless connection is weak and you may lose information you didn’t save onto cloud storage, although this may be a common problem or a problem which pertains only to me.

  5. kylie says:

    i got this computer for Christmas and a couple of days ago i was using the camera and it was fine but then today when i go to use the camera its all grainy and not clear at all!!! i really mad because i don’t know how to fix this… please help!! :((

    • Verona says:

      The Lenovo B570 comes installed with two programs which utilize the camera: the Youcam, and the Youcam Mirror. On the normal Youcam program, you can draw all over the photos you take and the videos as well, but on the Youcam Mirror you can zoom in using a slider on the bottom left-hand end of the window; I think you’ve got it zoomed in so it appears grainy, so slide it towards the left to correct this issue. Otherwise, check the lighting around you, or clean the camera lens using a dry paper towel or cloth. Do NOT wet the cloth prior to cleaning, or you may damage the laptop. If all these ideas fail, go to your local Best Buy, PC World, or any other reliable source where you can get a refund/repair although it’s best to keep the computer if it’s still under warranty. Be sure to note the camera is not HD, like the Macbook!

    • Verona says:

      One last note: Be sure to check the resolution as well to see if it’s the factor affecting the grainy camera issue.

  6. gowtham says:

    I’m using lenovo b570 model
    why i cannot write a dvd disc?

  7. Bhavika says:

    Can I install windows 10 ??
    Will it work over it??
    If yes then provide link for drivers

    • Newaz says:

      Hello Bhavika,

      Sadly you can not install windows 10 on it.

      The most updated windows that works on B570 is windows 8.1

      Please, let me know if you want to install windows 8.1 on it and need further help.

      Thank you and have a nice day!

  8. Alan Houston says:

    As of May 2016, my Lenovo B570 is still running like new. Four years ago, a battery charge lasted four hours, and today, about two hours, to be expected with a battery made back in 2011.

    I was surprised to get a “popup” offering a free upgrade to Windows 10, and I was also surprised how well the B570 runs with Windows 10. I have two new laptops that came with Windows 10 factory installed, and the B570 outperforms both of them.

    My B570 came with only 3gb of RAM memory, which means that the hard drive is working hard to provide virtual memory. In my experience, the hard drive is the first essential component of a computer to fail. To make life easier for my hard drive, I am upgrading to 6gb of RAM memory.

    So, as my Lenovo approaches its fifth birthday, it is running as well or better than my new 2016 laptops in the entry level price range. Hats off to Lenovo for making an entry level laptop that is as reliable as some laptops selling for three times its price.

    • Newaz says:

      Hello Houston,

      I am glad that you are enjoying your Lenovo B570. I have to agree with you that 3 GB memory is quite low as for now. Your ram upgrading is certainly a wise decision. But with addition to that, you can change your page file size manually to get a little better performance.

      Also if I were you, I would upgrade it to windows 10, which is surely faster and safer than the 7.

      Have a nice day!

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