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Lenovo Employee Pricing Sale, Laptops from $399

imageLenovo currently has a nice sale going on with their Employee Pricing event for March.  Laptops start from $399 and tablets start at $189.  Shipping is Free of course.  If you use coupon code EMPLOYEEPRICE0308 you can save up to 20% of an IdeaPad laptop.  There are also some Door Buster deals going on for March 2012, here’s a rundown of those deals available:

Laptop Coupon Code Price After Coupon
Lenovo G570 (15”, Intel Celeron) DORBUSTERG570 $399
Lenovo G470 (14”, Intel Core i5) DORBUSTERG470 $549
IdeaPad Z470 (14”, Intel Core i5) DOORBUSTRSZ470 $579
IdeaPad G570 (15”, Intel Core i5) DORBUSTERG5702 $579
IdeaPad Z570 (15”, Intel Core i5) DORBUSTERZ570 $599
IdeaPad Z470 (14”, Intel Core i5) DORBUSTERZ4702 $599
IdeaPad Z570 (15”, Intel Core i7) DORBUSTERZ5702 $699
IdeaPad Y470p (14”, Intel Core i7) DORBUSTERY470 $799
IdeaPad Y570 (15”, Intel Core i7) DORBUSTERY570 $799
IdeaPad U400 (14”, Intel Core i7) DORBUSTERU400 $949

The cheapest laptop of the lot is certainly the IdeaPad G570 at $399, but it only comes with an Intel Celeron processor and so is somewhat weak on performance.  Nonetheless, it can make for a capable laptop for simple tasks such as web surfing and word processing.   The best deal there might be the Lenovo Y470p, it’s a portable 14” laptop equipped with a blazing fast Intel Core i7 Quad Core processor and AMD 7690M graphics.

If IdeaPads are not your cup of tea and you prefer the more business oriented ThinkPads, there are a couple of good deals going on now to call out:

The ThinkPad E420 has been a favorite 14” laptop of ours, check out the review of both the E420 and E520 we did last year.  The 10% off STPATRICKS coupon expires on 3/18/2012 while the Employee pricing event for the IdeaPads expires at the end of this week.

See a complete list of deals and coupon codes at

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