Lenovo ThinkPad T430 and T430s Announced, Available in June

T430_standard_06The flagship T-series ThinkPad will be getting an update in the form of the ThinkPad T430.  Lenovo today announced the new T430 that will be available this June and come equipped with the latest Intel Ivy Bridge set of processors.  Also new will be the ThinkPad Precision Keyboard, something that Lenovo is claiming is a new and improved keyboard experience over previous generations.  Somewhat controversially, the new keyboard will use a chiclet style design and go to down to 6-rows of keys from the 7-rows always seen in older ThinkPads.  One clear improvement to the keyboard will be the fact it will come with the option of a backlit keyboard, the top of the screen keyboard illuminating ThinkLight will still be present as well so you can literally bathe your keyboard in light when in a dark room!

Here’s a complete rundown of the new features in the ThinkPad T430 over the previous T420:

  • Processor: standard voltage Intel Core i3/i5/i7 3rd generation (Ivy Bridge)
  • Screen: 14.0” with optional HD+ high resolution display
  • Ports: 2 USB 3.0 standard on all configs, Mini-DisplayPort
  • Graphics: Optional Nvidia Discrete graphics
  • Sound: New Dolby Advanced Audio
  • Keyboard: New Precision Keyboard, chiclet style design, backlight optional
  • Thermals: Improved thermal design with dual vents
  • Weight: Lighter than the previous T420
  • Battery Life: up to 30 hours using large capacity 9-cell battery and additional slice battery
  • Communications: New built-in 4G LTE mobile broadband contract free option, use on demand and no year or month long contracts necessary

ThinkPad T430 with backlit keyboard

The ThinkPad T430 will of course feature the new Intel 3rd Generation Core processors, known as Ivy Bridge. Graphics will rely on either the Intel integrated HD 4000. Lenovo is claiming a 40% better boot time than typical Windows 7 laptops thanks to Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3.0 with RapidBoot technology. For even faster boot times there will of course be SSD storage options and it will support the mini SSD via mSATA as well.

As you would expect the T430 still meets mil-spec standards due to its highly durable build using tough ABS plastics. The T430 is first and foremost a business notebook and so the warranty is International and you can get your ThinkPad serviced anywhere in the world, wherever your work may take you.


ThinkPad T430s

In addition to the regular T430 Lenovo is releasing a T430s update.  The ThinkPad T430s is a slimmer version of the regular T430, it features all the performance of a fully fledged laptop using standard voltage processors but with a lighter weight.   The T430s will have a Rapid Charge option in which you can charge the battery to 80% capacity in 30-minutes.  Screen options will include both an HD or HD+ display.  The T430s will essentially offer all that the T430 does, including a docking solution, it simply weighs less and is lighter.

ThinkPad T430s

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  1. Any clue on the battery side for T430s ? If under 6 hours X230 is a winner again.

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