Lenovo ThinkPad T430 Leaked on a University Website

When a new laptop gets leaked, you wouldn’t expect the information to come from a university; but that’s just what happened on the St. John’s University website where they unintentionally unveiled the previously unannounced ThinkPad T430.  A screenshot from the website with the T430 specs and image are provided below:

ThinkPad T430 specs

The leak confirmed that it will be an Intel Ivy Bridge processor-based laptop slated for a June release. The T430 configuration leaked has an Intel Core i5-3210 CPU with a healthy 6GB of RAM and a 500GB/7200RPM hard drive in addition to a 6-cell battery.  It looks like students who purchase this laptop will have a decent machine to work with during their studies!  Unfortunately, there was no visible pricing for the laptop, so there’s no indication as to whether students will get a significant discount on the T430.

Here are the full specifications that were revealed on the university’s website:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3210
  • 6GB Memory
  • 500GB 7200RPM
  • 720p High-definition built-in webcam
  • 6 Cell battery
  • 4.31 pounds
  • 14.0” screen
  • DVD+RW Drive

One thing to note is that the ThinkPad pictured on the St. John’s website does not match that of earlier leaked images showing up on Lenovo’s website.  Those images show a chiclet keyboard being used on the t430 while the regular keyboard with a Blue Enter key are present on the St. John’s website.

Source: Notebook Italia

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