Microsoft to Launch Windows 8 in October

Microsoft is set to finish work on Windows 8 this summer with the new OS ready to ship for desktop PCs, laptops, and touch-screen devices in October. Additionally, it was confirmed by confidential sources that Windows 8 will launch on both Intel and ARM based systems as promised by Microsoft. It was previously rumored that deployment on ARM machines might be delayed. Though this speculation proved to be false, there will only be fewer than five ARM devices at launch, compared to 40 or more Intel machines.

Windows 8 Metro UI

Windows 8 will be a significant change for users of the operating system, adding in new capabilities, features, and brand new interfaces.  With the newest Windows release, Microsoft is looking to regain sales lost to the iPad in an effort to revive the sluggish PC market. Apple’s third generation of iPads was just released this month, setting the bar at an all-time high as it has already sold over 3 million units. Microsoft seems to be ready for the challenge, however.

April seems to be the month when everything will be officially announced, as Microsoft is said to be planning an event at that time where the company will inform its partners on timings and strategies that relate to the release of Windows 8.  Last month Microsoft made available a Windows 8 Consumer Preview, a free to download Beta version of the OS.

Source: Bloomberg News

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