New HP Coupons for March 2012, 33% Off Envy and Pavilion Laptops

It’s Sunday and HP once again has updated their weekly coupons for laptops.  This week HP has a juicy 33% off ENVY and high end Pavilion laptops and also a $50 off configured laptops over $599.  Here are the details for the two new coupons:

  • Use coupon code NBG3253 at checkout to get 33% off a customized performance HP Pavilion or Envy laptop NEW!
  • Use coupon code NBK5744 at checkout to get $50 off certain HP laptops over $599 NEW!
    • Offer excludes HP Pavilion dv4t, dm4t, g6x, g6s, g4t, dv7t, and ENVY 14 Spectre
    • Coupon expires on 3/31/2012 or after 800 uses, whichever comes first

There are also a few other coupons still active that can be used in addition to these new coupons, here’s a run down on those other HP coupons:

  • Use coupon code NBDTSAVE50 to $50 off a customized laptop or desktop $999 or more
    • Coupon excludes HP Envy 14 Spectre, HP Probooks and Elitebooks
    • Coupon expires 5/19/2012 or after 2,000 uses
  • Use coupon code SAVE25HP to save $25 off any order over $125 at
    • Coupon expires 5/7/2012
  • Use coupon code SAVE15HP to save $15 off any order over $75 at
    • Coupon expires 5/7/2012

Let’s take a look at the prices you get after using the 33% off NBG3253 coupon on the dv6t and dv7t Quad Edition Laptops


The dv6t Quad Edition is $770.49 with the base configuration after coupon while the HP dv7t Quad Edition is $837.49 for the base configuration after coupon. The internal specs are the same, both include an Intel Core i7-2670QM quad core processor, 8GB RAM, 750GB hard drive, Blu-Ray player, and AMD 7470M graphics. However, with the dv7t you get a larger 17.3” screen and higher resolution, which may be worth the extra $150 if you’re just looking for a desktop replacement. We reviewed both the HP dv6t Quad Edition and dv7t Quad Edition and found them to have an excellent price to feature ratio and solid build.

The Envy 15 and Envy 17 also work with this $400 off NBG3253 coupon, the deals you can get on these laptops are below:


The Envy 15 starts at $904.49 after the coupon and the HP Envy 17 starts at $1,004.99. The processor on these is actually a Core i5 starting out but you get a better AMD 7690M graphics card. The Envy 15 at $904.49 is a very good deal and close to the lowest price we’ve seen of $899 that happened around Christmas last year.

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One response to “New HP Coupons for March 2012, 33% Off Envy and Pavilion Laptops”

  1. Mike says:

    Im thinking of purchasing a DV6T Quad edition with a coupon code. Assuming its still available. The laptop fully loaded how I like comes out to $1,023 after tax and using the coupon code.

    Has anyone considered using the site to link into HP and then purchasing as you normally would for an additional 3% on top of the already discounted price.

    Doing that along with my cashback credit card of 1% (4% total) I believe would drop the price to around $982.xx

    Let me know if you believe this should work and if that sounds good?
    Is the DV6T laptop starting to get a bit dated or is it still a great laptop for occasional dvd/movie use, speed for internet and day to day web viewing and occasional gaming.

    Is it worth waiting for one of the new Intel Ivy chips I believe they are called or is the quad core i7 a great long term laptop that will last in the years to come. I feel the Envy line is a bit overpriced at the moment for what they give you.
    Any alternatives that would be comparable in speed/price or better performance and worth waiting just a bit longer. Thanks!

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