New HP ENVY TouchSmart m7 17-inch Laptop with Touch Screen Shows up at Best Buy

It looks like HP has another Intel 4th generation Intel Core i7 equipped laptop up its sleeve, the ENVY m7-j010dx 17-inch notebook with touchscreen display and Full HD resolution is on the website and showroom floors of Best Buy, America’s most ubiquitous consumer electronics store.  While this new ENVY m7 does appear very similar in design and specs to the ENVY 17t-j000 notebook HP started selling two weeks ago, there are a few differences between the two systems.  The most important difference to note is that the ENVY m7-j010dx at Best Buy has a touch screen, that is not the case with the regular ENVY 17t.  The updated ENVY m7 comes with a Full HD 1920 x 1080 screen standard, those that have seen it in person state it has a very good quality and could possibly be IPS, meaning it has excellent viewing angles.  Unfortunately the screen is the reflective glossy kind, we’d have been thrilled if HP had stuck with an anti-glare matte screen.



HP is stuffing the Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.40GHz 4th generation (Haswell) processor in this ENVY m7-j010dx system, graphics are powered by the Intel integrated HD4600 GPU.  No dedicated graphics are available for the ENVY m7 it appears.   You get four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, media card reader, Gigabit Ethernet port, headphone/microphone jack and a DVD burner optical drive.  Storage is provided by a 1TB 5400RPM spinning hard drive and the system comes with 8GB of RAM, upgradeable to 16GB max.    Intel WiDi is built in so you can stream video and audio from your laptop to a TV wirelessly (if the TV supports it that is).  You of course get 802.11 b/g/n wireless support and Bluetooth 4.0 is also in there.  For a 17-inch machine the ENVY m7 is quite thin and 1.3”, the weight of 7lbs and screen size of 17.3” means this isn’t going to be the most portable of laptops though.  The ENVY m7 is available now from Best Buy retail stores, it appears HP will not be selling this directly though you can find ENVY m7 support documents on their website.

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