Sony Offering Students Free Playstation with VAIO Laptop Purchase

It’s a good time to be a student buying a laptop!  Sony has just launched their back to school promotion for 2012, and you can get either a free Playstation 3 or Playstation Vita with the purchase of a VAIO laptop.  If you don’t want either of those freebies, you can just get 8% off the total purchase of a VAIO.  Here’s a link to the deal:

Sony VAIO Free Playstation Back to School 2012 Promo

Once you get to the landing page for that, just note the coupon codes you need to use which are the following:

  • FREEPS3 – Enter this code at checkout for a free PS3
  • FREEVITA – Enter this code for a free Vita
  • CAMPUS8 – Enter this code to get 8% off your purchase

At checkout you just add one of those coupon codes, if it’s for the PS3 the system will automatically add it to your cart, same deal with the Vita.  If you Enter the 8% off coupon you get the discount applied.


VAIO models eligible for purchasing and getting this promotion include the following:

  • VAIO T Series Ultrabook
  • VAIO S Series 15-inch (S15)
  • VAIO S Series 13-inch (S13)
  • VAIO Z Series 13-inch

So which model is best for a student’s needs?  In my opinion the VAIO S Series 13-inch is a great option as it’s both portable and the right amount of processing power and graphics capabilities for student laptop needs.  You can get up to a fully fledged Core i7 processor, Nvidia 640M graphics and if you choose the premium model you get a 1600 x 900 resolution screen which allows you to fit more on the screen and thus be more productive.  The VAIO S13 is also very portable thanks to its 13” size and light weight of 3.8lbs.  You also get an optical drive, either DVD burner or Blu-Ray, so you can watch movies or install software from a disc.  Of course, if you get Free PS3 that plays Blu-Rays then you may not need that feature of the VAIO S anyway!

Source: Sony Store Back to School 2012

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