Sony VAIO T13 and T11 Ultrabook Coming next Month

Sony has announced a coupon of new Ultrabook additions to its lineup, the VAIO T11 and T13.  The T11 is an 11-inch screen laptop while the T13 has a 13-inch screen.  Initially both of these models will be available with the last generation Intel Sandy Bridge processor, specifically the Core i3-2367m.  The 13-inch model will weigh in at 3.5lbs, that’s impressive considering the notebook is  made of magnesium and aluminum metal for durability.  Disappointingly the screen resolution will be a low 1366 x 768 on both models.  Storage will come in the form of a hard drive / SSD hybrid combination.  The hard drive will be a 320GB capacity variety while the SSD will have 32GB of space.

VAIO T13 front profile

Sony is targeting the VAIO T series at business professionals and students, not that those two crowds are the same types but rather they figure both will need a light laptop with long battery life.  The claimed battery life is up to 9 hours.

Ports include HDMI, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, SD card reader, VGA monitor out, Ethernet port and headphone port.  That’s a whole lot more selection relative to other Ultrabooks, Sony deserves kudos on this front.  The keyboard will have a chiclet style design and the touchpad like a MacBook, one big pad with integrated buttons at the bottom.  Availability for both models should be later this month.

VAIO T13 side profile

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