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Chromebooks to Integrate Google Drive for Storage

Google recently announced the new Google Drive (GDrive), a online storage solution that offers up to 5GB of free storage.  Google is making efforts to integrate GDrive into all popular operating systems, including of course Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.  But what about the Chrome OS?  Of course Google would not forget that, and […]

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Sony VAIO Chromebook Pictures and Manual Leaked Thanks to FCC

Just when you thought Chromebook support from manufacturers might be fading, it looks like Sony is moving forward with a Chromebook of its own.  The Sony VAIO VCC111 Series pictures and manual just

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Samsung Series 5 Chromebook 2012 Specs Announced

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook released last year is going to be getting an update in early 2012.  The current Samsung Series 5 Chromebook sells for $379.99 on Amazon.com.  For those who don’t know, Chromebooks are basically laptops with Google’s Chrome OS instead of Windows installed.  Chrome OS is all about working and storing in […]

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Acer AC700 Chrome OS Laptop

Acer AC700 Review

The Acer AC700 Chromebook, as laptops running the Google Chrome OS are being dubbed, is an 11.6” screen laptop that sells for an affordable price of $349 via Amazon.com right now.  The Acer AC700 and Chromebooks in general are unique in the fact that they have very little storage space and everything you do runs […]

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